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I don't make dog clothes, but the way I would go about it (and I am a serious sewer; I make custom dolls) would be to buy the smallest normal dog sweater you can find (that way she can use it as an adult) and cut paper to match every piece of fabric used in the shirt. color the edges in black marker so you will see it easily. Then, time to do some math.

Measure a part of the dog(D) and then measure that same part on the sweater(S). Then calculate 100*D and then divide it by S. Then you get a percentage of how much smaller she is. Scan all the pieces of paper in the same image if possible and then open up an image editor to shrink them down to the percentage you got.

Print the scanned copy, cut the new pieces out, cutting along the outer edge of the black. But before you do that, make sure they are smaller than the original paper.

Get some polyester fleece fabric. The reason I say fleece is because it doesn't fray at the edges. That means you dont have to hem it, which is a whole other adventure. Trace the new paper pieces in charcoal pencil (found at art stores) on the fleece and cut them out, leaving an extra 1cm around the edges (this is your seam allowance). Sew the fabric together to match the bigger sweater, using a durable thread. I use Gutterman or Coats and Clark. When you sew, sew on the inside edge of the charcoal lines.

Wash it on the gentle cycle of the machine, and hang to dry.

Now you have a sweater.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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