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  1. Meet Anubis The German Husky

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi everyone! This is Anubis, a year and a half old German Shepherd Husky mix. This is my first ever pawmate and I have had him since he was 6 weeks. He's been a handful but wouldn't trade him for the world lol :)
  2. Do you have a medium or large dog?

    General Dog Forum
    If you have a dog, would you like to travel abroad with your dog? If you have been on a trip, did you have any inconvenience?
  3. I'm actually a cat person...

    Attention All New Members
    ... who just got a dog yesterday. And now, I'm a very paranoid mom. I don't know why I bought a dog instead of that Siamese cat I saw. Maybe it's because I couldn't resist his powers, you know? Staring at me from his cage, with those eyes saying, "Take me home with you!" In that pet store...
  4. little puppy -- Story of Coco

    General Dog Forum
    One winter morning, six months ago, my grandfather got up at 6:00 a.m. for his usual morning run. This time there was something different; while running, he vaguely heard the cries of small animals, which seemed to be coming out from the small jungle next to him. So he followed the sound, opened...
  5. Hello everyone, I have a beloved puppy named oscar

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, I have a beloved puppy named oscar, I need some help here, she is not happy these days, I bought her many toys but still didn't work. I dont know why, that's why I come to ask some help from your guys, thank you!
  6. My dog is acting weird after removing the cone

    General Dog Forum
    My dog had a lick garnoluma in his arm, and it has been taking a long time to heal. The vet put a cone on him - it's been 2 months now with the cone, and he got used to it, no weird acting. Yesterday, I took the cone off... and right there, I could tell he was acting wrong. I know my dog...
  7. Dog Mouthing Behaviour

    General Dog Forum
    So, I have always been fascinated by mouthing behaviour in dogs and why they do it. Obviously, 'mouthing' is different from 'biting' in the sense that their intentions are completely different (though I can't tell you how many clients have panicked and messaged me saying their dog is biting and...
  8. Serious puppy mouthing issue

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, so this is my first time posting and I'm very excited to be a part of this forum! So I have a client that I've been working with who has a HIGHLY active 6 month old neutered male Pitbull who is sweet as can be. The issue is, he has a serious mouthing issue and just randomly does...
  9. New Dog Lover

    Attention All New Members
    Recently, I adopt a pet, and I want to learn how I can make her happy.
  10. Dog Doesn't Like Being Pet - Or, Does She?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I can't tell if my 8 year old Beagle/Bassett enjoys being petted or not. To give context, she is generally a low-energy, calm girl (never barks, except when she's dreaming or smells something good outside!) and spends most of her time lazing around - so, I don't expect her to jump for joy when...
  11. Grateful New Member Here!

    Attention All New Members
    I'm a dog lover from Philippines. Currently, we have have 15 pure and mixed breeds (yikes!) at home. :wave: Wanted to join the forum as I wanted to enrich my knowledge about dogs - how to take care and train them (as my babies are growing in number LOL) and hoping to share some helpful...
  12. New puppy, she looks mixed so I got her a DNA test

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! My puppy Snowie is now 7th months old. The person we got it from said she is a pom, but in order to make sure I got her a DNA test from Embark. I made a short video with the results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RHEbyc6DBI&feature=youtu.be Please let me know what breed you...
  13. Registered for advice for newly blind 1 year old dog

    Attention All New Members
    Happy to be here and excited to be part of the community. My husband and I adopted an 11 month “hound mix” approx 1 month ago. We’re told he has some lab, pit and German Shepherd in him. He has a spotty adoption history — found as a stray at one month, adopted out, then found on the street a...
  14. My dog keeps running away

    Dog Training Forum
    My 23-month-old Jackapoo (Jack Russell/Poodle mix) has been to puppy classes, has had one-on-one training, yet he still runs away in the park. We walk him with our 11-year-old labrador, in the same park every weekday, and he knows most of the other dogs that come there. Yet when we let him run...
  15. Hi!

    Attention All New Members
    I am a new member to this site. I <3 dogs. I HAVE many. :) http://www.dogforums.com/images/smilies/smilies/llama.gif Happy dog = happy me.http://www.dogforums.com/images/smilies/smilies/flypig.gif
  16. Dog having trouble using the restroom after moving

    Dog Health Questions
    Recently, I moved out of my parent's place and took my dog with me. Since we moved, I've been noticing my dog has been having trouble using the bathroom, particularly pooping. It's been about a week, and she's only pooped normally twice: once in the house (she's house trained, but she's still...
  17. Dog Birthday Party

    General Dog Forum
    Hey all! So I am throwing my boy a birthday party. I already have the invites made. The humans get pizza and I am making cupcakes for everyone. BUT what would be some good low cost party favors for humans and dogs? I want to keep this pretty low cost. I was kind of thinking making an area for...
  18. How do I socialize a fearful/anxious dog?

    General Dog Forum
    I have a German Shepard/Rottweiler mix. She is about 5 and a half and I adopted her in 2014. Before I came into her life, she was mistreated and because of that, she only has 3 legs. I'm assuming she was never properly socialized as a puppy, or maybe a situation occurred with her and another dog...
  19. Hello, =extremely= possessive dog issues

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I figured this would be the right place to get some initial advice on the situation with my parent's dog.. Here's whats up: My parents own a ~10 month old Cavapoo (Poodle / Cavelier cross). She's been with them since she was a 3 month old pup. Basically, she's a cute and awesome dog...
  20. new dog and home alone problems

    Attention All New Members
    We got a new dog. She is around 5 years old. She was in shelter before and in different homes until she got adopted. We are teaching her to walk on leash and different commands. She has problems with fear (motor noises, vacuum cleaner...) Problem i don't know how to deal is when she is left...