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Post here to introduce yourself to the rest of our forum members. Also, if you are having troubles navigating the site you may find your solutions here.
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General Dog Forums This is the place where the members of dog forums chat about their dogs or dogs in general.

General Dog Forum

This the place to chat about your dog. Share stories about your dog or dogs, or just post anything dog related.
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First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions

This is where you can post if you are new to owning a pet dog. Your basic questions about house training and other simple subjects should be posted here.
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Dog Training Forum

Dog Training Forums - Do you go to dog training classes? Do you self-train your dog? Share with other readers what dog training techniques work for you.
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Dog Grooming Forum

Bathing your dog and grooming your dog isn't always the easiest of task. Do you want to know what dog grooming techniques are working for others? Maybe you want to offer ideas or ask questions about dog grooming styles for specific breeds.
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Dog Food Forum

Come here to talk about what type of dog foods different people recommend for their dogs. Find tips and tricks about what certain dogs may enjoy eating.
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Dog Pictures Forum

Show your fellow dog lovers all those images you have saved up over the years. Share with others the story behind these pictures or have some friendly competition to see who's got the cutest dog of them all. Have fun with it.
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Dog Health Questions

Caring for your dog's health and well-being aren't always that easy. While our members may have good advice, it is just advice. Please use this section as a resource to discuss "diagnosed" conditions and treatment options for your dog. *Important - All serious concerns with your dog's health and well-being should be handled by a Veterinarian, so please refrain from asking questions that are best suited for their office.
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Dog Sports/Show Forum

Discuss showing, working and competing in sports with your dog.
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Dog Rescue Forum

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Dogforums.com Contests

Check here for the latest contests we are running!
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Buy & Sell Dog Items

This section is for members only and should be used for private selling. Any selling or spam promoting a website or retail sales will be deleted and your account may be banned. You may sell other items that are not dog related. Sales of live animals are NOT allowed.
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Dog Product Reviews

These are all types of dog product reviews. Dog Toys, Dog Food, Grooming products, and any other product that is dog related. These must be valid reviews, SPAM will be deleted. This is not a place to market your own products.
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Community Help Section


Get the latest news from our Dogforums.com team. Only Admins and Mods can post new threads here.
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Suggestions / Feedback

If you want to suggest a feature to add to the site or if you notice a glitch in the site please make your post here.
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Community Help

Post questions or comments here relating to the use of this site.
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Off Topic Forum This is the place where members of dog forums chat about about other pets or things unrelated to dogs.

Pet Memorial Forum

For years and years our pets have touched our hearts and made some bad days good. When they pass away it's great to share your memories with others. Feel free to make a memorial to your pet of any species in this forum.
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Off Topic

Head on in to discuss anything not involving dogs. Feel free to talk about other animals, pets, the meaning of life, you name it.
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Other Pets

Even though this is Dog Forums, not everyone can limit their love to just dogs. This is your outlet to talk about other pets you may have or want and questions about them!
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