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Hi Rjarnutowski,

It's nice that your pooch knows how to ask when to go out. But with regards to burying her poop in areas where she's digging, I think this may confuse her in her potty training. Dogs usually poop and pee on the same location where they can smell their urine or poop. This is why it's best to have a single designated location for pooping and peeing. It's possible that she's not peeing/pooping because you're taking her away from the spot where she knows (or smells) where her pee/poop was before.

When you brought her outside for 30 minutes and she didn't pee, I suggest to put her in a crate for an hour or less, then bring her back outside again.

With regards to the pee stains on the carpet, make sure to wash them off with 50/50 water-vinegar solution to completely remove the urine smell. Doing so will prevent your dog from peeing on the same spot again.

Hope this helps!

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