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Someone in a FB group I'm in has one. They are an interesting cross, but both Dobes and Danes have relatively short lifespans (10, if they are lucky) and some truly serious health issues, including dilated cardiomyopathy and wobblers. If you do find a breeder, you need to make sure that they are doing the proper health testing. And don't be afraid to ask for hard copies of the test results. Anyone doing all the testing should be happy to show them to you, and explain what they mean.

For Dobermans Pinschers:
annual holter (24 hour ekg)
annual cardiac echo (ultrasound of the heart)
annual thyroid panel
annual eye exam for OFA
von Willebrands Disease (either a DNA test or by parentage)
hip x-rays for either OFA or PennHIP
elbow x-rays for OFA

The DNA tests for the two known DCM markers are not enough to be considered "cardio testing" for Dobes. Also, anyone who says that there is no cardio in their lines is either uninformed or flat-out lying. There is DCM is every line of Doberman Pinscher. It's been in the breed from pretty much the very beginning.

For Great Danes:
annual holter
annual echo
annual thryoid panel
hip x-rays for either OFA or PennHIP

One thing about cardio testing- even parents who are not showing signs of the disease at the time they are bred can still produce puppies that develop DCM, and can also develop it themselves later on. A good breeder will know the pedigrees of the dogs they are breeding, and know which dogs in a pedigree developed health problems, and usually know if other dogs related to the ones in the immediate pedigree have developed them. as well.
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