Ringing bell to go potty (different question)
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Thread: Ringing bell to go potty (different question)

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    Ringing bell to go potty (different question)

    No matter what, i can't get my dog used to the sound of the bells. He's scared of it. While he doesn't react overly fearful anymore, he'll only gingerly touch the bell if I ask him to. He gets the targetting part, he just doesn't like the sound. So usually he does what he always does and just stands at the door crying or he paws at the door (our new french doors, grr!).

    Anyone have any simple and cheap ideas that I could use other than a bell?

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    Re: Ringing bell to go potty (different question)

    There is a product at either petco or petsmart, can't remember which, and its a paw that you sit on the floor and then you take the reciever with you and when the dog steps on the paw it emits a ringing noise to the reciever.

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