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For anyone who saw my previous post about my mom's dog, Zuzi..

Zuzi passed away today. Her condition was only worsening and she began to fall so often that she knocked out her front teeth and made a mess of her nose. We took her in to the family vet today and she passed with my mom, my little sister, and myself around her, comforting her and telling her what a good girl she is. It was very peaceful and there were no complications..

Minutes after she passed, the power in the entire clinic went out. The breakers were in the room we were in--the vet checked them only to find that none had flipped. The power was on in neighboring buildings. I'm not sure what it meant, if anything, but the timing was bizarre.

Zuzi was a beautiful girl. She was my "rescue" dog that I found wandering the streets seven years ago, hungry and obviously neglected. She became a part of our family immediately. She slept under my bed (sometimes on it), loved to run and the cold weather we get for about two months here in Texas, and absolutely adored playing with a tennis ball. She never barked unless the doorbell rang and was the sweetest dog I've ever lived with. She never even threatened to bite anyone except one time when my brother-in-law was walking toward me when we'd first gotten her. Good instincts.

She was very well loved and will be missed very, very much. I can't help but be happy that she is no longer in any pain or confusion. She's running free.
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