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I like the ziwippeak dog food Saya gets it for training treat she mainly eats raw, but gets rotation of kibble, dog treats, string cheese, dehydrated liver, or meat and ziwipeak makes yummy treat.

I think if I was going for long trip or camping I'd feed ziwipeak as meals unless I'm at a hotel that has a fridge then I'll bring some food..

There's pre made raw out there coarse it needs to be frozen or refrigerated..

If it's caned then it had to been cooked some most caned goods I done myself needs to be cooked some..

Ingredients in the caned food it good though. You could always feed raw as usual and give the caned a snacks or some meals so the dog is used to it in case of traveling.

There's Bravo! raw, nature's variety, stella and chewy's, primal, and Darwin naturals there is probably other kinds out there too.

Saya has had pre made grinds from hare today and nature's variety she has done good on both things.
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