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I'm a reader. I love books and am always looking for my next fix.

What are your favorite dog resources? Are there any that you will keep in your collection forever?

It might be nice to start a list so that other members and especially new members get a sense of what is out there. (I know there is already a sticky that has books listed but I was hoping to get a new list going and see what turns up... I don't get the sense that people read and reply to the stickys very often...)

5 star rating system? 5 being 'Go to the store and buy it right now'.

I'll start:

The Other End of The Leash by Dr.Patricia McConnell. 5 stars! A great reference and lovely read on the basics of canine and human relationships. Dr.McConnell is a fabulous writer and had me laughing out loud. I looked forward to each new chapter where she would write about a new clients behavior. She also talked at length about her dogs and I felt like I was right there on her Wisconsin farm with Tulip, Luke and Lassie.
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