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Should I be at all worried that my 8 weeks old puppy seems to be able to hold it through the night?

He has his last intake of water at like 9pm, is put into the crate around 11pm. I sleep next to him to make sure I can let him out if he has to pee, but it doesn’t seem to happen.
I let him out of the crate at 8:30am and he just started playing and ate his breakfast/drank, hasn’t peed yet.

He did the same thing yesterday and ended up potty for the first time around 10am and sporadically throughout the day.

It’s not like he’s trying to pee and not succeeding or something, he just doesn’t seem to have to go?
He’s had his first shots on Thursday and worm treatments ended Sunday.
This is Winston, Keeshond x Poodle
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