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Good Morning Doggie Lovers,

I'm having issues with my 9 month old male Rotti pup. We got him at 8 weeks old from a local breeder. He housetrained fairly quickly and we have no problems with him peeing inside the house until yesterday. Yesterday, after being in the house maybe an hour he jump up on our bed and peed. He has only done that once before and it was our mistake, it was the day we brought him home and we were playing with him on our bed, I know a big no no but we lost our heads in his cuteness. :)

Another issue is, there are several nights where he has these doggie nightmares where he'll cry out or yelp in his sleep or just have restless night sleeping. We noticed that on these nights he will wet his bed while asleep.

During the day he is a very sweet happy go lucky guy, he rings the bells when he needs to go outside and use it. He is crate trained and goes in there mid day for a nap and I have not noticed pee in his crate during the day, only at night.

Anybody have any ideas how to stop this behavior? I tried searching the forum for bed wetting and didn't result in any matches.

Jenn & Tanky
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