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Young dogs suddenly attacking old dog

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Does anyone have any experience with this? Out of the blue today my two young dogs have started attacking my old dog (14). The female starts then the other joins in and we have to separate them (my husband got bit in the process). There was a bit of blood drawn the second time (honestly not sure from which dog, they're all pretty fluffy), a lot of yelping from the old dog, and the 85lb 1yo was latched to the help'em up harness from our old dog and wouldn't let go (he broke a clip)... my husband eventually got him off (I can pick up the female no problem) but we have to close the gate or they go right back to it... They did ok for a bit after a time out, then went back at it again... again the female started it... They're separated right now but I really don't know how to deal with this long term (we have a gate to the family room where we spend most of the time, but the rest of the floor is very open space, and the door to the backyard is in the dining room - and they all sleep upstairs with us).

Our old dog is going to the vet later anyway (for a blood draw but I want to see if they can check him out while they are at it), and he's not been doing well, and I know that sometimes dogs smell when a dog is sick and attack them... but I'm seriously worried.

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I'm a divided household. You do what you need to do to insure safety and quality of life for all your dogs especially your seniors. Seniors in a household come first get all the perks. The younger ones get the restraints to their schedules .. And it could be your senior is experiencing medical issues that the female is reacting to.. Dogs can smell cancer cells, sense changes well in advance to seizures.. All my dogs knew my one senior had illness in his body, maybe a year in advance before the first tumor showed outside the body.. They all were attracted to one spot on his rear end and they would sniff and push their muzzle into it. and linger all around it. No matter what the cause, you have to set up for safety first and make it work.
I have had packs of dogs for many years and your only as good as your weakest links in the group. Spending the time with your younger ones to fill in the training of their jobs and the task they need to learn in your group. My current group doesn't live with each other full time. but they can live and maneuver closely with each other respectfully and not care about them being right there. They have to be confident strong individuals in what their place and job is. Takes time and one on one time with them. Situations happen and dogs are where they shouldn't be and everyone falls back on what they know from living it and doing it. Freeze,,,, Let me take care of it... and I love them for it. that they have learned to be so strong as individuals and live peacefully.

Am sorry for your senior I hope you can find what works for him. Even with a mix matched group of individuals the core is still the same that you have so much to work with.
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