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We have a 1 year old Aussie mix (not sure the other breed(s) she is mixed with we were just told that she was Aussie and there is no doubt looking at her) that we got from a animal shelter. She was not abused or neglected, her and 2 of her sisters were owned by an older lady and she couldnt handle all 3 so she gave up Chubby and her sister.

Since we brought Chubby home she is very very shy. She didnt eat for 24hrs and didnt poop or pee for almost 72 hrs. she has been to the vet and checks out just fine. She spends most all day laying in a over sized chair or on her pillow we bought her in her kennel by her own choice. we almost have to drag her to go out side to go potty, to goto her food, or to take a walk. with going outside and walks once we get her going she is fine and talks.

some days when we giver lovins she show desire for it and smiles, then other times she just sits there and kind of takes the lovins.

we have no other dog and 4 kids in our house.

we have been told by some people that it is just her being sad from not seeing old owner, some that have said it is just her getting used to the new house, and some have said she is just a very shy dog and thats here. The last one is the only one that i do not believe in this case since the owner told them that she was a very active dog that like going on walks and hikes and loved the water.
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