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You make me so proud.

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So Upendi's never been to any kind of formal training, I've done it all at home by myself, and today she got to the point where she has a solid out of sight stay. I put her in a stay three times, walked down the steps came back up and she was still in her stay waiting until I released her. I'm so proud of her. :) My fiance was upstairs with her and he verified that even though she wanted to move she didn't.
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Wow, you go girl!!:) You want to come to Florida and train my dog?? :D She has been to formal training but doesn't do good in a stay if she can't see me. She is fine as long as she can see me, but as soon as she looses site of me she moves to where she can see me and goes back into a stay position???:eek: Spoiled dog!!
I would love to come to Florida, I've had enough of this cold. Bella probably just wants to make sure her mommy doesn't leave her. ;)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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