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when we started feeding raw iorek was on the thin side and he gained 2 lbs in the first week! he didn't gain any more since and now we are thinking that we would like to up his meal amounts. right now he is eating 2% of 50 lbs, he gets 1 lb a day. i think that that is not enough because although he is not losing weight, he also isn't gaining and i want him to gain a little more. i want to start feeding him 3% of his weight and that is another 1/2 lb of food a day. that seems like a lot to me to just add! should i give him an extra 1/4 lb a day for a few days and then go up to the 1 1/2 lbs? i don't want to give him an upset tummy.

the reason why i would like to get him to gain a little weight is because i can feel his spine and his hip bones more than i would like. he is pretty active about 1-2 days a week when he goes to daycare for 8 hours. other than that he gets play in the house and a 45 minute walk a day. i have been told that since he is an adolescent boy (almost 15 months) he is going to be thin, that he will fill out later, but i am worried. i can't tell you how many ribs i can see because i can't see any! he probably has 5 lbs of fur!

so, can i feed him an extra 1/2 lb all at once or should i work up to it?

thanks :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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