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Hello again.

It appears that I need to post 3 times in this section before I can ask my question in the health section concerning my 17 year old dog. That's OK. I have a question which is fairly generic... and I need to figure out how to insert photos, which I think I did incorrectly in my last (and first and only) post.

Hmm. According to the directions there is supposed to be a "manage attachments" button or some such below this window? I don't see one. When I introduced myself in my last post I hosted the photos online and included the link to them because both "insert image" and "insert link" above ask for a URL. I did not see any way to attach directly from my computer. Since then I read the directions (somewhat Greek to me) and was relying on the "manage attachments" button, which is the only thing I remember how to do from those directions. Of course I don't think I can get back to the directions right now without loosing this page, so... so much for including a photo with this post. Sorry.
Like I said in my introduction, "computers are not my thing", which should be pretty obvious right now.

Um... where is the "manage attachments" button?

My fairly generic question involves a dog-tie out of sorts and is more a request for creative solution ideas than a specific question. It will take a bit to explain what I am hoping to devise so seems a good subject for my 3rd post. I apologize for the useless babble contained in this one but since this is a place for new members perhaps you have learned something about me as a result of the babble.

And really, this isn't a forum for computer nerds, right? It's about dogs. I have owned a dog for a total of 35 years (not 1 dog! Actually I've had 2. One lived 18 years and the other is currently 17). Does that compensate at all for my complete lack of ability to attach things?

I can't sew either, by the way. I do know how to use a stapler... and glue... and scotch tape.
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