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Recently, I noticed some yellow marks on the back of her teeth and her incisors. They're stained on-I scrubbed at them, didnt come off. I've only started noticing in the past month or so. I thought I'd increase the brushings, no luck so far.

I brush Maddie's teeth regularly, as often as the vet says, and I try to pay special attention to the back, like the vet says, which is hard because Maddie just clamps down and does NOT like brushings.
She eats dry dog food-we changed brands 3-4 months ago. For a short time she had it mixed with the soft food. She takes a breath mint and a fart fixer (as we call it), too. She has been getting those for months. She's also given treats-generally from the bulk section at Petco. We've gotten different types of treats recently. We also have large peanut butter biscuits, but she rarely get those. She eats home food on occasion, too-broccoli stems, home made dog cookies, that sort of thing.
She gets those fake bones from the store (Dingo Brand) with meat in them from time to time. As a treat for being gone and to keep her occupied, we give her one large one, but only one (so if the trip is longer, she doesnt get more. She's only had a handful since we got her in Sept, so it's not a regular occurrence.
And then ther's her toys. She isnt eating them anymore, which is good. I'm not sure if it's because of the material or with age/training (she eats the 'non destructible' toys-only Kong brands have made it-well, except her first kong, but that lasted months longer than any other toy) so unless chewing them is causing it, toys arent doing it.

I heard something about antibiotics being a cause-she was on one back in November. Probably not the reason.

Any suggestions on what it is and if there's a way to get rid of them? Is it harmful?

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How old is Maddie? Is she around 4 by chance?
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