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Yearly vaccines necessary?

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I brought my one year 3 month Beagle mix to the vet for her annual heartworm test and refill of meds and also for the Frontline supply.

The test, the year supply of Heartworm tablets, and 7 months worth of Frontline was about $225...and on top of that they told me that she is due for her yearly vaccines which need to be done each and every year.

I thought vaccines were only required during the dog's first year?

And does that sound a lot for medications?

The Heartworm was about $120 (one year) and the Frontline was about $75 for 7 months...and they said you need to test yearly for Heartworm even though she's on the meds..
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It was most likely the Frontline that raised the price of your visit. That stuff is outrageously expensive. In my opinion (and my vet/boss) it's not even worth it.

Unless you are concerned about your dog getting fleas (which can be gotten rid of in other ways) it's not worth it. I was going to start it with Bridgette because we go into the woods a lot and see ticks on occasion. The vet told me that all Frontline does is kill a tick that bites your dog, it doesn't stop them from biting in the first place.
A tick must be attached for a minimum of 24 hours and generally more like 36 hours to transfer lyme disease.

It doesn't matter that Frontline doesn't stop them from biting in the first place. It matters that it gets the ticks off before they can spread disease.

I've seen some really miserable dogs with lyme disease. Since it's so common around here I just won't risk it.
Honestly for lyme disease I would agree with you. We don't see it at all in Arizona so it's not much of an issue here.

Erlichiosis (tick fever) and rocky mountain spotted fever can be passed on much quicker than 24 hours. The vet told me that they could both be passed on in as little as 3-5 hours. I've never seen rocky mtn. spotted fever, but we've seen several cases of Erlichiosis here and one of the dogs was on prevention.

I'm sure it depends entirely on where you live though. I check Bridgette for ticks immediately after coming back from a walk :)
One thing to know, is that an infected tick has to be attached to a dog for 12-24 hours minimum in order to transmit the disease. Regular checking/removal of ticks is the number one precaution to take. Lyme vaccines are known to have common negative side effects, as well.

Look up her minimal vaccine protocol. I think you'd approve of it.
True! I checked with my vet today and he said that Frontline does seem to lower the chances of Lyme disease, but it's actually not AS common as people think in the US. Obviously still present. I also second the side effects of the Lyme vaccine.
He also said that Ehrlichia (tick fever) and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can still be transmitted despite Frontline because it only takes 2-5 hours to transfer from tick to dog....so checking for ticks is necessary if you live in an area with many.
Awesome map!! Thanks!

People have it ingrained in their heads that they "have" to get the shots for their animals EVERY year or something horrible will happen to their pet. I don't really buy it personally but I will still take my dogs (and my cats go too) to the vet at least annually for a checkup. Really my dogs go more often than annually as things crop up that aren't serious but need vet attention, like a mysterious limp or whatnot.
Agreed! We have many clients who believe something terrible will happen if they are a day late on the vaccination. It's rather amusing sometimes. Even if someone insists on vaccinating every year it's not like it "runs out" on that exact day...but you'd swear people think it does! :)

I also think vets may use vaccinations as a way to bring their dog into the vet. We have some clients who do three year vaccinations (since we tailor vaccines to our clients/their animals needs/wants) and they don't even bring their dog in for those three years...which I do not agree with.
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