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Yearly vaccines necessary?

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I brought my one year 3 month Beagle mix to the vet for her annual heartworm test and refill of meds and also for the Frontline supply.

The test, the year supply of Heartworm tablets, and 7 months worth of Frontline was about $225...and on top of that they told me that she is due for her yearly vaccines which need to be done each and every year.

I thought vaccines were only required during the dog's first year?

And does that sound a lot for medications?

The Heartworm was about $120 (one year) and the Frontline was about $75 for 7 months...and they said you need to test yearly for Heartworm even though she's on the meds..
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I don't know who Dr. Dodd is and what his/her vaccine "protocol" is, but my Sofe isn't getting anymore jabs. A year and a half ago she got her 3 year rabies booster shot and it almost killed her. She developed a severe intestinal problem which required hospitalization and meds. For nearly a year, she had occasional bouts of bloody vomit and diarrhea. Fortunately, she been fine for the last few months. She got her puppy shots the first year and then the rabies annually thereafter because of the law. But because her of reaction to the last shot, I'm going to ask the local animal control if I can still maintain her license without it. There has to be some exception clause in the law.

As an aside, I received a copy of a vet manual from a holistic vet. that states that annual vaccines are not necessary. Just like we don't get annual MMR vaccines, these pet shots are just unhealthy. I think they are behind a lot of diseases in animals including allergies, auto-immune disorders, cancers, etc.
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