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Yearly vaccines necessary?

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I brought my one year 3 month Beagle mix to the vet for her annual heartworm test and refill of meds and also for the Frontline supply.

The test, the year supply of Heartworm tablets, and 7 months worth of Frontline was about $225...and on top of that they told me that she is due for her yearly vaccines which need to be done each and every year.

I thought vaccines were only required during the dog's first year?

And does that sound a lot for medications?

The Heartworm was about $120 (one year) and the Frontline was about $75 for 7 months...and they said you need to test yearly for Heartworm even though she's on the meds..
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I am seriously considering following Dr. Dodds' vaccine protocol... makes a lot of sense to me. I'm not yet sure how my vet feels about it...

I'm undecided about the Lyme's vaccine as of yet... we have a lot of cases of it but I'm not sold on how effective the vaccine actually is. Two of my friends' dogs (BOTH of them got the Lymes vaccine and one also used Frontline) contracted Lymes.

Luna's done with her puppy vaccinations and will get boosters at approx 1 year. After that, I'll follow the law with the rabies vaccination.... all of the boarding and training facilities up here require UTD shots (parvo, distemper, rabies and bordatella), so while she's in training classes and if I ever have to board I suppose I'll have to give additional vaccinations.

I'd much rather get the titers tests done and see if my dog still has immunity rather than giving potentially unnecessary vaccinations.

Regarding expenses, if you can get a prescription from your vet you can order heartworm and flea/tick prevention online for a lot cheaper than the vet's office.
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I've seen some really miserable dogs with lyme disease. Since it's so common around here I just won't risk it.
We have A TON of ticks out where I live, so it's a huge concern for me. As I previously posted, a friend of mine has a dog that was vaccinated against Lymes and used Frontline faithfully and the dog STILL got Lymes. :(
I don't know who Dr. Dodd is and what his/her vaccine "protocol" is, but my Sofe isn't getting anymore jabs.
Dr. Dodds' protocol is about giving less "jabs."

In sum:
Dogs and cats immune systems mature fully at 6 months. If a modified live virus vaccine is given after 6 months of age, it produces immunity, which is good for the life of the pet (i.e.: canine distemper, parvo, feline distemper). If another MLV vaccine is given a year later, the antibodies from the first vaccine neutralize the antigens of the second vaccine and there is little or no effect. The titer is not "boosted" nor are more memory cells induced. Not only are annual boosters for parvo and distemper unnecessary, they subject the pet to potential risks of allergic reactions and immune-mediated haemolytic anemia. There is no scientific documentation to back up label claims for annual administration of MLV vaccines.

Puppies receive antibodies through their mothers milk. This natural protection can last 8 - 14 weeks. Puppies & kittens should NOT be vaccinated at LESS than 8 weeks. Maternal immunity will neutralize the vaccine and little protection (0-38%) will be produced. Vaccination at 6 weeks will, however, DELAY the timing of the first highly effective vaccine. Vaccinations given 2 weeks apart SUPPRESS rather than stimulate the immune system. A series of vaccinations is given starting at 8 weeks and given 3-4 weeks apart up to 16 weeks of age. Another vaccination given sometime after 6 months of age (usually at l year 4 mo) will provide LIFETIME IMMUNITY.
For more detailed info, go to: http://www.itsfortheanimals.com/DODDS-CHG-VACC-PROTOCOLS.HTM

Even I, who has a pet peeve against overmedication for heartworm, do it seasonally. It's very rare in my area, but better safe than sorry. I use a seasonal, minimal dosing schedule.
I checked out the link, and am extremely confused. According to the maps, I should START Heartworm preventative in AUGUST and end in November. August???? I KNOW that there are mosquitoes here before August. I'll probably start in June (most people around here start in May).
I think so it's necessary on a yearly basis to prevent skin problems with our dogs and also to prevent them from being sick and the rabies too.
Skin problems? How do vaccines, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick prevention prevent skin problems????

What some (myself included) are trying to say is that the vaccines we give dogs as puppies offer LIFETIME IMMUNITY from disease, meaning your dog is already protected from disease... so why keep giving unnecessary shots that can cause issues?
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