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Yearly vaccines necessary?

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I brought my one year 3 month Beagle mix to the vet for her annual heartworm test and refill of meds and also for the Frontline supply.

The test, the year supply of Heartworm tablets, and 7 months worth of Frontline was about $225...and on top of that they told me that she is due for her yearly vaccines which need to be done each and every year.

I thought vaccines were only required during the dog's first year?

And does that sound a lot for medications?

The Heartworm was about $120 (one year) and the Frontline was about $75 for 7 months...and they said you need to test yearly for Heartworm even though she's on the meds..
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We also just get the rabies, heartworm check, and bordetella. Titer the rest.

pamperedpups.....how do you prevent heartworms? I once had a irish setter that we missed giving the preventive for a few months because of a lay off (still no excuse, and we were young) and she got heartworm and we hand to do the treatment with her.
Thank-You for the link for the lyme disease.....:)
I was just showing my DH our state/county.....and I passed it on, too....Thanks again!!
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