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Xena's Stressful Week

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Yesterday was Xena's last day of class for Obedience Level 1. She did really great. She wasn't nervous at all, it was actually I, who felt like throwing up before the final test started.

However, she wasn't behaving like her usual "training mode" self. I bet she's feeling something is wrong with mommy. I haven't been sleeping well since last week. I dreaded this day. I also caught a bad cold last saturday and I've been coughing my lungs out for the past few days. I went to watch a concert on Monday night and I haven't slept since. I tried. But I just kept tossing and turning. The lack of sleep, the stress of "xena's spaying" and the coughing plus having to be around 5 kids who are also by the way coughing, all grumpy and whinny, is really tearing me apart. Oh, and add the fact that I have been forever mopping the kitchen floor because the snow is melting and the dogs are always muddy when they come inside the house.

Xena passed her test with flying colors. Got her certificate, ate her "graduation treats", almost ate her graduation certificate, fortunately I was able to grab it back before she had the chance to completely destroy it. And then her food and water intake was officially cut off around 9pm. I gave her a bath, cleaned her ears and piled her nails. WAY TO STRESS the poor girl. I dried her up and she run straight to her crate as soon as I opened the bathroom door.

I doubt she slept at all. I was awake the whole night and I heard her toss and turn. WE BOTH DIDN'T GET ANY SLEEP. I got up around 6am, let her ouf of her crate and hugged her. THEN SHE DID SOMETHING SHE'S NEVER DONE IN A LONG TIME. SHE PEED WHILE I WAS HUGGING HER. She immediately realized she's doing something wrong, she run straight to her crate and refused to come out.

I didn't give her heck, it was my fault. I should have let her out first before I got all emotional. I cleaned the floor. Called her out again. She wouldn't come out. So I went to the office to get her spaying certificate ready. Xena came and squatted by the door. Apparently she wasn't done peeing. SHE PEED IN THE OFFICE. Not just a tinkle. She peed like she hasn't peed for days. And she peed while she was looking straight at me. I stood there in shock with my mouth wide open. I cant believe what I am seeing. Xena who's been potty trained in less than 2 weeks after she came home, was peeing right in front of me.

She run back to her crate after her crime was committed. She is getting back at me. She doesn't like her graduation present. And I cant blame her. She did amazing at her graduation class only to be rewarded by SURGERY the very next day.

Dh dropped her off to the vet this morning. I am already missing her. Aside from the spay, they will also fix her hernia. I cant wait to have her back home. I am a wreck right now. I feel so bad, but this needs to get done. DH phoned about an hour ago and he said she did fine during the truck ride. Staring at the window the whole time.

I hope the vet update me soon. Or they will be hearing from me every half hour. :(
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Awww, poor xena. She'll be alright....:) Is she coming home after the spay, or is she staying overnight?

You may have made her nervous with acting different around her, Roe is very dramatic when I act different with her. Poor thing. Good luck and she'll bounce back in no time.
yeah she's staying at the vet overnight. :( and that's part of the reason why I am really dreading this day. I want her to come home.
Try not to worry about it too much, Mudra... stay with your boys and take comfort in them! I'll be sending good thoughts to Xena. I'm sure she'll take the spay like a champ.
thanks MnR and Rosemarieninja... Dh just got home and he said I can phone the vet as many times as I want.. She isn't coming home until 10am tomorrow.. :(
Oh my... well I will first congratulate you and Xena on a very successful OBEDIENCE GRADUATION!!!

Sigh poor baby... she just sensed all the emotions you were feeling and she couldnt contain herself. Everything will be fine and she will be home in no time! You just keep yourself busy... and dont sulk :eek:, spend some extra time loving on your boys and like I said she'll be home in no time.

We're here for you!!! Take care Mud!
Thanks Nessa! :)

DH said, she was trotting happily when the vet tech walked her away... POOR GIRL didn't know what's coming to her.. :(

I cant wait for her to come home!
Congrats on the graduation! :D

She is definitely in my thoughts about her spay. How you got word of how she is doing yet?

It sounds like Xena is a very sensitive dog when it comes to your emotions. I have one like that...haha UALLIS!! He picks up on the slightest change in the mood of the house and will want comfort from his Mama. :rolleyes: :D

I hope you get to feeling better and are able to GET SOME SLEEP!!
thanks MDAWN! I phoned for the fourth (or fifth?) time today. She is now recovering in her kennel and to my surprise, she is awake. I thought dogs sleep after surgeries. LOL! Im glad she did well. AND I CANT WAIT TO PICK HER UP TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
Congrats on graduating and I am sorry your worrying right now. She'll be okay. I know it can be tough to be away from your pups for even an hour. lol
Big congrats to the beautiful pup... how old is she now?

Anyway, sorry to hear neither of you have been having a good week at all, though I can't say I'm surprised, as I agree that many dogs can be very in tune to humans' emotions. You should definitely try to get some rest... easier than it sounds, with your baby at the vet's, huh?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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