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X-Pen / Crate Combo Question

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Hello all,

New puppy owner of a 16 week maltipoo. Very affectionate and very calm. Barks here and there in the midst of stimulating play. Whines a bit when left alone in X-Pen but not overly so.

We keep her in her X-Pen, which has an attached crate, whenever she is sleeping or we need time away to prep dinner etc...

When she wants to play / attention, she will whine. We will ignore until she stops, and then come over to her. As we approach the pen, she is very excited with tail wagging, but as soon as we get TO the pen, she immediately runs into her crate.

We will then walk away, and she'll come out and start whining for attention again. When we return to the pen, she immediately runs into her crate again.

Would greatly appreciate comments... I don't want to violate her "space" by reaching into her crate to take her out, but if she whines for attention but then runs into her crate when I get close to the X-pen I'm not sure how to fulfill her needs.

Thank you everyone!
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