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please visit the health forum, there is a thread with your name in it!
Ok 1st off, Pierce checked out, body weight size etc is perfect. Heart, lungs, etc all good. She read other Vet's blood panel and came to conclusion that another blood test was unnecessary. Since I had never wormed him she sent me home with 5 days worth of Panacur to worm him with to eliminate possible parasite problems that could cause vomiting, checked ears, did the anal gland thing all good. She mentioned after worming using some Pepcid AC people pills 1 morning, 1 night. It's one of those off the wall things that could help maybe if it's a stomach thing.

Something interesting when we were weighing him (weight the same as a month ago) and there was something on scale floor that he wanted to smell in worst way and I'm holding collar and he has a 5/8ths inch wide leather Marti collar on but he was pulling head down to smell something and he was choking himself. I worked him for a month and never had a choking problem when corrections were given. (yes I said the dreaded correction word) I now have a 1.5 inch collar ordered.

But we get home from Vet and I made a dumb mistake just not thinking. He had not vomited for 4 days so I get home check his water bowl and not thinking filled it up. He dives into it and drinks up a bunch. I let him out cause he asked and when I let him back in he goes about 10 steps and vomits up water. This was not a regurgitate thing it was just open mouth and let loose. Called Vet and explain action (actual 1st time we had seen the deed) Vet says this moves it to esophagus problem. (The real dumb thing is that we had been monitoring the water intake) She then said to water him no more than a cup or two at a time so he gets the water he needs but in smaller doses. (what we had been doing last couple days) Dumb Me. Anyway 1st step done.

Also something interesting she said no treats for 2 weeks as sometimes the dyes in treats some dogs don't take to and can cause vomit problems. (never knew that) Would this be great if just water intake handling would at least help eliminate problem.

Problem, he has a left lower canine that is cracked and may be causing some problems, we knew that but did not think there were problems. She mentioned a possible root canal or a complete extraction which she does not do as canines are much deeper roots etc and we would have to go to either IL or Purdue university Vet school for dentistry. Kinda scary cause if removal not done properly could shatter jaw. She mentioned that there is a slight possibility with the tooth that the head shakes etc could have been caused by tooth nerves etc

The above was on 1/17/12. We are now starting 6th day no vomiting and 43rd day since seizure. This week I will call about tooth possible root canal or removal. Has anybody had a canine tooth problem.

Thanks all for the inquiries, Pierce says Hi.

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