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Ater a long winter, me and my two Portuguese water Scnauzers, put our boat onto the lake today! What a feeling to be on unstable ground again, I love it, I set the sails for the first time by turning on my 260 horse Merc, and off we went. Put onto a little isle and let the dogs explore, and sure enough, Doc, the male got a tick on him. There were two deer there also and they left for another island. Wish I brought my camera, my little guys enjoy it as much as I do, they will sleep good tonight!:)
That sounded fun!
You guys are lucky- you're getting summer and we're getting winter:(
We've already put away our boats, conoes and windsurfer. So it's good-bye to water sports for us for the next few months

Next time you go boating please take your camera- we'd like to see pics:)
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