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So I was swimming in Lake Superior, and let the dogs run on the beach. I noticed little Belle was running around, anxious to get at me, but too nervous to go in the water. Our Pug and Chihuahua do the same thing, but they eventually give up and go do something else.

I swam out about 20 feet, staring out at the lake, pretending to be able to see Canada, then turned around to face the beach - and saw a little Morkie head swimming right at me! She had such an intense look to her - her little button eyes wouldn't leave my face. I scooped her up and brought her back to shore. It was surprising, I've never seen a tiny dog willingly go into water before. :)

Today, we were at a river, and the current was slow. It was really hot out, and I decided to see if Belle would get wet again. I walked across the river, and sure enough, Belle followed me. She had to swim at parts, but she made it across.

It's such a big contrast to our pug or chihuahua, who wouldn't go into the water if they got a treat for doing it.
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