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WOW - Irresponsible Neighbors (LONG RANT)

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Yesterday I took Trent out to the front so he could go to the bathroom, and immediately a brown puppy almost the size of Trent charges us and starts playing with him. I recognized her as Hazel, the pit bull x lab puppy across the street and wonder what she’s doing outside, as I have rarely seen her outside in the front of her house. I look across the street and the border collie mix, Sugar, is sitting by the front door, scratching and whining. Two kids run past and grab Hazel’s collar, explaining to me that the owners of the dogs were out for the day, put their FOUR dogs in the backyard, and apparently did not lock the fence door. The wind blew it open and now three of the four dogs got out. One dog, Maggie, stayed in the backyard, Sugar was sitting on the front porch, Hazel was with us, which meant one dog was on the loose. They asked me to help them and we finally got the last dog, a beagle mix named Suzy out from someone’s garage, where she had been chasing their three cats.

We made sure all four dogs were inside, and closed the fence. I tried the door a few times and thought it was secure. However, an hour later, I heard a dog barking loudly and looked out the window to see three dogs pacing on the driveway and one dog running off to greet a man and his baby. The baby started crying and the man gave me a withering look that obviously said, “you need to control your dogs”. I offered a quick apology, and rounded up the dogs again and put them in the backyard again. This time Suzy was hiding under a neighbor’s bush. At this point, I’m almost sure the fence will open again, so I place a large rock to block it, as there seems to be no way to lock it.

Then, right before going to sleep, I heard a scratching on my door. I open it and Hazel bursts inside and begins to run around the living room and kitchen. This was my clue that the dogs have gotten out. Again. So as I ran off barefoot in my pajamas, I’m getting a bit annoyed. But if Trent was running around the neighborhood while I wasn’t home, I’d want other people to help him as well. I grabbed Hazel, having to pick her up because she seemed to have lost her collar and wasn’t about to go away from Trent anytime soon, and plunked her in the backyard. Then I tried to get Sugar and Maggie in, too, and while I’m doing so I realized the fourth dog is missing. I looked all over, but I couldn’t find her, and then I look in the backyard and realize the dogs were left without food or water. I knew for a fact that the family has been gone since morning and so I grab a bucket of water, some treats, and puppy food.

At this point, my next door neighbor comes along to see what’s going on, and helps me get some large breed dog food from another neighbor to feed the two dogs while I give Hazel the puppy food. I distributed the treats and helped my neighbor tie the fence door securely. I tried to look around for Suzy, but could not find her anywhere.

This morning the dogs’ owner came out and thanked me for helping, and told me her Suzy was missing. They’re posting up signs and hoping to find her soon. She’s quite old and wary of people, so we’re all worried about her. I hope she’s okay and goes home soon, but I seriously wish these people were more responsible. Four dogs in the backyard without food or water, and not even a lock on the fence.
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Sheesh! Good thing you helped round 'em up! :( Not only is it dangerous fro the dogs to be out, but it's dangerous for others' outdoors pets. I'll never forget the time when two dogs came into our yard and attacked our old cat and very well could and WOULD have killed her if my mom hadn't driven up the driveway that very second. :(

I would try talking to them, or offer to take care of their dogs if they should leave again.
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