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Good morning/afternoon/evening!

I really need everyone's advice, on something that it has been happening to my Pitbull.

She's around 8-9 years old, and she has always had a sort of round-shaped cyst on her paw pad, front leg. This summer, while walking, she must have stepped on a glass, or something, because she torn the cyst open.

We removed it, because it was "leaking tissue", and caused her discomfort (and a lot of bleeding), and since then the ordeal started.

Three days after her surgery, tissue started growing back around the incision, in the shape of a very swollen, red, shiny lump, that in 10 days it grew to about 1 inch and a half - alarmed that it could be a malignancy, given how fast it was growing, we decided together with the vet to remove it, and send it over for a biopsy. The vet cut around the lump with ample margins, to make sure eventual "stray cells" from a malignant tumor could be removed as well.

Fortunately, the biopsy came back clear - no malignancies, just a huge chunk of granulation tissue, originated from her previous incision.

She's prone to allergies, especially environmental ones, and as I could understand, this is a critical factor in the growth of "hyperactive wounds".

Now, about a month later the very big post-surgical wound on her paw pad is "filling" with new tissue, but this tissue is irregular, especially along the margins. It looks like a cauliflower, and the biggest "ball" is about half an inch big, and basically prevents her from putting her paw on the ground.

I am medicating twice daily, cleaning her paw - I was using iodine, and peroxide, but I recently changed, as per vet's orders, to peroxide and a special spray with silver nitrate, which is helping a lot (in only 5 days, it stopped leaking fluids, and a thin layer of skin is forming on the "flesh").

My questions are:

Anybody had a similar experience with granulation tissue, and hyperactive wounds in dogs? Will the big lumps shrink on their own, eventually, as time passes? Would steroids topical injections help? Removing the lumps is out of question, as they just generate more wounds, and more hyperactive tissue.

Thank you for your attention, and hugs from Italy!

(With Kiss - Pitbull - and Strip - Lab/Sheph Mix)
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