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Okay here's what you do--and don't donk it off too long.
These types of wounds will heal without stitching up--vet usually send you off with a script of antibiotic and instructions to keep the wound clean.

Shave/trim the hair around the wound.
You do not want hair growing back into the healing process/granulation as it closes.

I use this stuff on such wounds...


It works very well, even the non prescription strength stuff.
If you can locate the vet-grade version, then purchase a bottle from a vet.

The non prescription grade cost around 30 hondos US.
Smear it liberally into the wound twice a day.

It contains Mycotin (sp?) which is more powerful than just plain old antibiotic creams purchased over the counter.
It kills all the bad stuff while promoting healing more rapidly.

It works well.

Also consider using Yunan Baiyao powder....


Break open the capsules or open the bottle version and dump the powder directly into the wound.
The Chinese military issues this stuff to all of their soldiers for field treatment of bleeding traumas.

It works wonders.
You can also give it orally.
For a 70lb Shepherd I'd give two caps per day for five days--then off for three, and back to five days again until the wound heals up.

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