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worried about my puppy

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Hello everyone, Im New to this forum but I was worried about my 4 month puppy. Hes a American bulldog mix with possible wired haired terrier. His mom was hit and killed by a car and I saved the litter and raised them until I could get them adopted. All were adopted but one owner returned one. I now have him,and his name is Onyx. I also have a Chihuahua who is about 5 years old with no problems. That being said I m worried about the puppy because his stomach is swollen and bloated looking and feeling. Its been this way for about a week but it just keeps getting bigger. I done believe he has bloat. Hes not uncomfortable. And he has had worms in the past. He eats like a champ but hes had bad gas lately and his stools are loose but not watery. I found out recently that one of his siblings died from a stomach twist, but that was within hours of the incident. Any ideas from anyone?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Thank you for your response. Im taking him to the vet in the morning but I was just worried. He is so sweet and I don't want anything bad to happen...I guess I was trying to ease my mind. Ill let you know what is said.
Hes doing better. The vet did a deworming just in case and said he thinks he swallowing air when he eats since its worse after eating.
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