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Worlds dirtiest Dogs....

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We have been getting hit hard here in the south with all the rain and thunderstorms...

It finally cleared up a bit and we took the dogs for a walk in an area where they cleared the land for new houses....

this was the end result...

btw...that is not a lake, that is all the collected water from the rain that just literaly couldn't soak anymore in the dirt...

sorry, don't know how to make the pictures bigger, but if you click on them you will get a larger picture, and you can really see the mud dripping..

anyone care to come over and help clean?? lol.......

Spooky is the white mix australian shep/lab

wicket is the other brown pup....


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Aww, from a person whos dogs favorite activity is rolling around in mud, I feel your pain. But hey, look on the bright side, they probably had a blast and burned a ton of energy off and once they were cleaned I bet they were pooped out. A picture of my mudmonger

Boy was he sure proud of himself.

P.S. Your dogs are beautiful!
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There is something great about a dirty dog isnt there? I definitely dont shelter my dog from having fun but most of the time I try not to let him in the big puddles or the REALLY dirty spots mostly because after walks im on my way to school or work. But its nice every once in a while to let them romp around in whatever will make them happy and amused (as long as its not dead fish or feces). Marley just seems as pleased as punch when he filthy. I dont understand it, but I guess I dont really need to either.
YEP! Tir definitleyl takes the cake on that one. And thats a cake that Im alright without :) I bet she was pretty darn happy!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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