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So I've been working with Brody to adjust to his crate. He's just fine being in their when we aren't home, but when I'm home is when he just doesn't settle in the crate. I've been trying to play with him and the crate by tossing treats in and then eventually putting him in for a couple minutes.

He does okay for a few minutes, but then begins to panic and whine. I haven't let him out when he is whining, but he just does not settle down. So I've been going back to square one and tossing treats in again. He's also eating all his meals in the crate. Does anyone have any awesome crate game ideas? Anything would be helpful.

I really need to get him adjusted to it when we are home because he and the cats are still separate. I still can't be sure if he's trying to kill them or not....he's just VERY interested.

We have a cat room (they have their own room [which is really big too lol] set up with toys and climbing things for them so I don't feel too bad about them being in their so Brody can be out with Bridgette, but I do not want this to be permanent.

So basically if anyone has good advice about crate games and/or dealing with a dog that is very interested in cats please let me know!

(I am REALLY hoping that we'll be able to turn his interest into boredom...if it turns out he is trying to eat the cats Alex is not comfortable with keeping him which would break both our hearts!)
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