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Working off leash

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I know most of you experienced dog owners will probably laugh at me, but I am excited!

My yard is fenced in all the way except for a hole in the bottom of the fence and a ledge to the neighbors yard. I have had my pup a about 3 weeks and finally felt combfortable enough to let her fetch a tennis ball and play offleash yesterday. I had a treat with me and she came to me every time.

The last couple times I took her out to pee - no leash and she did well.

This is the first thread I don't think I have a question for! As long as I have a treat if she steers off and I say the word treat, she is back.

Any advice though - is it ok to let her offleash? Obviusly I would always leash her for walks and in any public place. Just the yard with no leash
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I'd say it's ok... I let my new puppy off-leash the 2nd day I had him :D

I would suggest using your planned recall word though... As opposed to, "treat".
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