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Hi everyone! My husband and I just got our new puppy two weeks ago. With me working from home, that means I'm around her a lot, but I'm wondering if you guys have any tips for setting "boundaries"? I don't want her to think that just because I'm around, it means that I'm able to play with her all the time--I do have to work :)

The problem is that of course she's not fully housebroken or crate trained, so I feel like I have to watch her as much as possible to try and catch her when she has an accident in the house. Crate training is very slow, she still can't be in there for very long with the door closed and trying to sleep with her in there is a complete lost cause. She's getting better about having the door closed, but we can't be out of her sight or ignore her for too long without her starting to whine--and obviously, if I'm going to crate her while I'm on a call with a client or something, I can't have her whining.

We do have an ex-pen for her, but it's in the living room rather than my office, so I feel like I'd run into the same problem putting her in there as I would with crating her. She also has a tendency to try and eat poop (hers and other dogs) so I don't want her to just go on a puppy pad in her ex-pen and then try to eat it because I'm not around to stop her. (We do plan to bring this up to her vet at her next visit, which is in about three weeks.

I do want to take advantage of working from home to be around her more than most working adults with puppies, but I'm just trying to find balance so that I can actually get work done, and have her doing her own thing until she needs me to take her outside or maybe play for a bit/take a walk. Any tips you guys have would be great!!
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