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Last Spring I started noticing some behavioral changes in Tyler that prompted me to ask for a full Thyroid panel and blood work up. Everything came back fine except the Thyroid. His levels were very low and the Vet thought putting him on Soloxine would be beneficial. This was in July. In August, I did a recheck and even with the Soloxine the levels were still below normal, so the dose was adjusted. In September I did another retest and found his levels were too high, so back down to the original dose.

We have since moved across the country, and I decided to take him to the premier Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the state. They say his numbers from July are suspicious and want to take him off Soloxine completely for a month and then retest. I agree and just now find out that his numbers are normal, though a little on the high side.

How can it be? I know nothing about veterinary medicine, so I hope someone can educate me more. The behavioral changes that prompted all this testing have all since disappeared within the first two months of Soloxine treatment, and have not returned.

What the heck is going on? (my wallet is really starting to wonder, too)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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