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Wolf hybrid?

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A buddy sent me some pics of some wolf hybrid pups he found someone selling. The owners are claiming there malamute/grey wolf mixes and are low content. They have the parents as well, and it looks like the father is where the wolf genes are coming from. Mother looks like any other husky/malamute breed. I’ve seen plenty of people advertising hybrid mixes that look like dogs but these 2 pups seem to look a lil different. Just asking for other opinions on them.


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I'd believe low content is possible looking at the parents. The only way to be sure is to have their DNA run through the UC Davis Wolfdog hybrid test, or (possibly less accurate) Embark. Those are the only two places I know of testing for wolf content with any kind of reliability.

If you've been looking for a while you probably already know, but just in case: make sure you know your local laws regarding wolfdog ownership and follow them to the letter. People have had their animals seized before because they registered them as a domestic dog with the city, but posted about owning a wolfdog online or talked about it publicly. Make sure you have talked to your local vets and have found one who will work with a wolfdog - not all will. Know that even though the rabies vaccine is likely just as effective in wolfdogs as it is in dogs, it's not legally tested on wolves or wolfdog hybrids, and so the law WILL treat your dog like an unvaccinated animal if there's a bite incident. This may include euthanizing them to test for rabies.

Not trying to scare you, just emphasizing to anyone thinking about wolfdog ownership that there's definitely extra challenges beyond the animal's size and temperament they need to think about. Even with low contents.
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My own community has no breed restrictions (though you need a kennel license to have more than three dogs) but they have pretty specific requirements for anyone owning and registering a wolf hybrid. I don't know if anyone here actually has one. You basically need to have a zoo.

I've met a few juvenile wolf "pets" and they were fascinating. I also think Siberian tigers are fascinating, but I wouldn't keep one as a pet.
Yea I understand about how the rabies not pertaining to wolf hybrids and the difficulty of raising one , I have no intentions on getting ethier pup, just curious of other opinions on the pups actually being low content
I mean, phenotyping puppies is pretty much impossible, and a low content can look virtually identical to a 'wolfy' domestic breed anyway, so there's no way to get a real answer with just pictures. I don't see anything in these pictures that rules out them being low content hybrids, but also nothing that confirms it, if that makes sense.
Yeah, don't get a wolf hybrid unless your planning to live alone with sled dogs in Alaska or Greenland or something XD
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