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I am new to this forum. Unfortunately I came on because I have been noticing some things about my dog that concern me. I have a almost 2 year old min pin / chihuahua. He is happy and awesome and energetic. We noticed was 'wobbling' back and forth when he was sitting or standing or laying down with his head up. Shortly after I noticed this he threw up. Since it was at night I decided to wait until the following morning. Much to my surprise he was totally fine in the morning like nothing had happened. I assumed he ate something that didn't agree with his stomach.
Now, skip forward two days and I see him wobbling a bit again. This morning he was fine. He drank some water, ate his food like normal, has not thrown up... we went for a nice walk and he is resting.
I plan on taking him to the vet but I figured I would talk to people in here and see what they think.

I am a very high strung person, worry a tremendous amount to the point it causes me extreme anxiety so take it easy with any alarming thoughts! ;)

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My best advice is to be ready to video it if you see it happen again - this can be really helpful for a vet, since very often dogs won't show symptoms of these intermittent issues on the exam table. I'm afraid I can't really speculate on what this might be, but I agree that it's absolutely worth a vet check and wish you lots of luck.
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