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My agility coach instructed me to get a wobble board and clicker train my dogs to sit, down, stand, and turn on it. This all came together very quickly for us. I am wondering if anyone is doing any other exercises with a wobble board. Is there a booklet of some kind that expands on its use? Anyone else use one? Are they worth using after initial training and body awareness happens?

Unimportant side note: My clicker saavy dog, upon seeing the clicker and the board, jumped it, hopped over it from side to side, bit it, scratched it, tried to flip it, tried to chew off the painted emblem in the middle of it, and did a 2 on 2 off SCREAMING the entire time before he finally attempted to stand on it with his front feet. Karen Pryor would have wept.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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