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Wireless Fence?

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I'm new to the forums, and had some questions about the invisible fencing systems.

I have seen mixed reviews for them online, but was interested in purchasing the Wireless version for my 1 yr old Boxer/Lab.

Does anyone use the Wireless version, or even the version with the wire you bury? Do stubborn dogs ignore it?

My worry is that he will just see something like the neighbor's dog and leave the yard anyway.

I would like to fence it in, but it is an acre that I need done and I don't have the cash at the moment. I've been quoted several thousand dollars to fence it all. I don't want to fence it partially, because I already have it partially fenced elsewhere.

He does have a 30'x30' yard with a 6 ft privacy fence for night time etc. But I think he needs more room to roam. Plus, I would really like to set up agility and things in that big open space. I wouldn't leave him outside alone with the invisible fence, it's more of a way for me to toss him a ball further and etc. He is a very active dog, and I don't drive - so I can't take him to the dog park or anything because none are close enough.

Just wondered if anyone has one, or if it's a waste of money.
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I have the ultra-smart innotek train and contain and I love it. I've had it for 4 years and have trained two dogs to it. It is the wired one. My neighbor has one also. They have two bull mastiffs and a shih tzu. My other neighbor has one they have a 2 shelties and a sheltie mix.

My friend lives on a farm and has the wireless. She has 2 dobes and a lab. She also loves it. Her parents live on the farm next door and they have had an english mastiff, a boston terrier, chinese crested and a doberman. And they love their fence too.

I love my fence because I can take my dogs outside off leash and practice agility or just catch fribee or ball in the yard. Or they can go out with me off leash when I am gardening and just hang out.

You can PM me anytime with questions.
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