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he turns ONE tomorrow!! i had a little party for him today.


presents! not shown is an angry birds frisbee that my father-in-law got him.

his mama [me] got him a nice, blue sweater. it makes his brown eyes pop!


my daughter, right, and my cousins daughter, left, in their party hats. :]

winston and his new girl friend, a purebred standard poodle!

win and his buddy, tor, a toy poodle!

yes, i did.

and yes, he did! [dont hate, it was a small piece. besides, once a year wont hurt]

he got to play ALL day!

my puppy is all grown up.. :[ he will always be my little boy, though!

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Happy Birthday Winston! Looked like a great day for everyone!
(Didn't know Paul Newman made dog treats now - I love Paul Newman)
I really like the Paul Newman dog treats. They have a few different flavors. They're just the right size and very crunchy, and I agree, I love Paul Newman! We've got a bag of the salmon/sweet potato variety right now. They actually even carry them at our grocery store which is nice - most dog things they sell there I wouldn't buy. We feed Biscuit grain-free food but a grainy treat or two every day doesn't seem to bother her.
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