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Windy Point; Lake PICTURES

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*Stay with me cause there are a lot of pictures*

This weekend has been the most relaxing one I’ve had in a very long time. Since I quit my job last week (yeah verrrrry long story) I’ve had a ton on my mind and too much time on my hands.

So we packed up and headed out of town to the lake. Since Buster and Mahalo got to go last time; Duncan, Teddie and Velma went this time. This was the first time for Velma at the lake and I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed herself.

It’s a two hour drive to the lake house and she slept the entire way! Every time we got in the car she would fall asleep within ten minutes. I mean full on snoring, twitching the whole nine yards.

And this is her happy face. We had just gotten back in the car from the flea market in town. She is still going through her HW treatment so she couldn’t walk a lot of the way and was carried most of the time. However she had fun smelling the weird smells and being told how pretty she was by a ton of strangers.

I went outside to get a few pictures while it was still light and this is what I came back to. Velma was panicking and Teddie was barking up a storm at her.

Velma also discovered what being a real dog is! She found the doggy bones and took her snaggle teeth to it. Man did she have fun chewing on that bone!

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On Saturday we went out to one of the points so that we could have a clear view of the sunset. I wanted to get pictures as it went down.




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While the sun went down Ted went over and sat by Velma. Almost as if they really are an old couple and he wanted to be close by to watch. Velma had no problems with that.

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And Duncan was over doing his own thing. He got the closest to the water; which surprised me because last time I took him to the point he waned nothing to do with the water. I have never been able to get good shots of him (hints to why I never post him) and I finally got some really good ones.

“What’s in that water? It’s moving. It’s gonna get us.”

Happy lake boy

The weirdest thing he did by far the whole weekend. He settled down on this panel that is only a foot wide and his leg was hanging off towards the water.

*Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did*
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So, are you keeping Velma?

I really, really love her and Ted together. I'm not a Shih Tzu person at ALL, but their pictures are among my favorites here on DF.
Thank you MissMutt. I wasn't a Shih Tzu person either until I got Teddie. Now I have a real soft spot for them. :eek:

Those pictures are good for the soul Teddie. Glad to hear you got some great R&R time. Sure looks like Teddie, Duncan and Velma enjoyed themselves too.
It was really nice while I was away. Now I'm back to job searching and other problems. lol

Great pictures! What a beautiful & relaxing spot! I really love watching the sunset on the water & you got some awesome pics!
Teddy & Velma look adorable together, like you said, like an old couple!
And Duncan looks like a natural by the water, but I take he doesn't normally like the water? I can't keep George out of the water, but DJ wont get too close.
Glad you all had a nice outting!
Yeah he's not big on water. He woulnt get into the lake by choice, but he sure did like watching it!
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