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Will my feisty puppy be a feisty adult dog?

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We have a 4 month old mini schnauzer female, and she's super cute, smart, quiet when she has a fake bone to chew or something... But she's feisty as well as soon as she gets to know other dogs. It's all about wrestling. We have a 4 year old mini schnauzer (male) as well, and all she knows is to start wrestling with him. He doesn't initiate it. Almost always it's her. But he does love to continue wrestling and goes back to her even when she's taking a quick break. He's always been insistent when it comes to playing, but maybe not as much as her. So long story short, 80% of the time she's lose in the same room with him, they play-wrestle. The trainer said they play great together so that's good. The question is... Will she get over it a little as she gets older? Is it a puppy thing and maybe the 80% will turn into 40% and then 30%...? Will she stop being the instigator? She does the same with other family dogs! Hahah! More than anything, they're just loud and it's stressful to have that going on all the time, so we try to keep them busy with other things so they forget about the wrestling, but it's exhausting. We just wonder if there's light at the end of the tunnel or if our life will be this crazy for years to come. It'd be fun to hear other people's experiences too.
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All puppies live to play, but most dogs play less with age. I know a 5 year old who almost never plays and looks at my dog like he's crazy when he tries to initiate. When that same dog was younger, he was play crazy, but now he's not really interested.

I grew up with mini schnauzers and none of them were into playing with other dogs as adults. I'm sure she'll settle down a lot, but it will probably take a couple years.
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