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will my dog remember me?

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it's been a while since i have been here. i was talking about moving and didn't know to take my dog or not. unfortunately i had to leave him... he was crying alot when i hugged him and left. i didn't like that at all. i been thinking about him ever since almost everyday... it's been almost five months now. i couldn't take him cause i had to stay with my uncle and he didn't want dogs around. so i left him with my dad and brother who the dog already knows. the flight for the dog to come to me is a bit pricey but i will work it out in a week or so and bring him here. i am just wondering if he will remember me? i've heard stories that people leave their dogs for a year or more and come back and they remember?

i have been good to my dog and i bathed him and took him for long walks everyday. he slept with me in my bed almost everyday... i played with him and loved him alot. but my dad and bro are saying he is happy and having a good time. i don't want him to forget me :/

any thoughts on this? stories would be nice to give me some hope.

p.s: he is 2 years old atm. we got him at 3 months old.
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Of course he will remember you!

Let me tell you a little story. My mechanic worked out of his home, and he had 3 wolf hybrids and a GSD. I was sitting on the step of the deck waiting, when all of a sudden this huge dog plopped his butt down beside me, and started licking my neck! My mechanic's jaw about hit the ground when he looked up, telling me that he couldn't believe his eyes. His roommate can't even get near this dog (wolf hybrid), not even with food, and he's lived with him for 4 years! That hybrid jumped into my car and did NOT want to come out - he was leaving with me! LOL He finally got him out, but it wasn't easy! I moved to AZ, and, 3 yrs. later was back visiting my mom, whose car was acting up. I drove it out to my former mechanic's place, and when I got out've the car, that hybrid came running up to me, and about licked me half to death! Don't know WHY he was so crazy about me, but he was. He obviously remembered me!

So, don't worry. Dogs DO remember.
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