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Will a puppy's fur grow longer as they become adult dogs?

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So how can you tell if your puppy's fur will grow longer when they get their adult coat? My 3-month-old puppy has softer fur near the neck, belly, and leg areas, compared to the shorter more coarse fur on her back. Does that mean the softer fur will grow longer as she grows older? Thanks.
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It's not easy to tell, but your Vet may provide some ideas. Your pup looks like a cute Lab-mix. I don't think that it is common for coarse fur to come in as soft fur, but it is not unusual for soft fur to remain soft. Both types of fur can come In longer. Fur and skin may come in longer and looser around the neck. During the next Vet check-up, ask your Vet what breed mix she thinks your pup might be?
Helps if you know what kind of dog it is. My dog’s hair will grow until It either wears off on the ground or I cut it.....

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