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The wild animals in our new apartment complex are driving me nuts!!

Well, first of all, we moved here a few weeks back, and the place is absolutely gorgeous!! Tons of trees, walking trails, creeks, grassy fields, and a lake in the middle. Naturally, with all the pretty scenery, comes all sorts of animals, and apparently, some pretty stupid people, too. It's very common to see people having a nice pleasant picnic, tossing crumbs to the ducks and pidgeons. However, I've literally seen people with squirrels SITTING IN THEIR LAPS, petting and feeding them!!! These animals have completely lost their natural fear of humans, which makes them extremely dangerous!! My mom's friend once tried to feed a wild squirrel (not here, though) and got the tip of her finger bitten off! She had to get all sorts of shots.

This has made walking Basil quite a challenge. Some animals are okay, like the pidgeons and crows that just fly away when you come close. The ducks, cranes and turkeys MIGHT waddle slowly away, but usually stand their ground. The squirrels are the worst, though. They sometimes get startled and run halfway up a tree, only to find their courage and run back down and charge you, while others just stand there waiting for you, daring you to come closer, and charge when you get close enough. I've tried yelling at them, stomping, charging in their direction, and it barely works, if at all.

Basil is pretty good with most of the wildlife. He seems interested in the birds but usually ignores them, probably because we have a parrot, and were teaching him to respect Skittle's space. Even with stray cats he's okay, maybe a little pulling, but he snaps out of it quickly. Squirrels, however, are another story altogether. He'll pull and bark, and nothing can get his attention. I can get him to sit by pulling downwards on his leash, which is attatched to a harness around his chest, (standing in front of him and giving him a sit command is a lost cause, even with the most high value treat) and now he pretty much sits automatically when he sees a squirrel. However, if they come to close (very likely with such aggressive squirrels) he'll start pulling and squealing, and if I try to continue walking while he's sitting, he won't even care what direction I'm going, he pulls towards the squirrel. I've tried just walking like nothing even happened, but I usually just end up dragging him, barking and screaming, behind me.

How on earth do I fix this behavior? I fear for his safety, and don't want some diseased squirrel attacking him. Plus, I don't want people to start sending in complaints because Basil is waking them up on my morning walks and such. What do you suggest I do??
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