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Wife wants a dog. Chihuahua

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We lost our Beagle about 2 yrs ago. My wife decided she wants a new dog now. We're both in our 60's. Live 2nd floor apt. bldg. Beagle was getting old and difficult for us to carry her up and down the stairs. Then she ended up with Cushings Disease.
We've been talking about a Chihuahua now.

Several questions for any Chihuahua owners. I've read about Apple heads and Pear heads. One has an open spot in its skull. Which one is it, can't remember. Any need to worry about it? Any associated disease's with Chihuahua's?

Can they be happy/healthy on "dry only" dog food, or would they need moist for variety? Other than sitting on them, any worries for their small size? Can they be litter box trained?

Thanks for any help.
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Yes you also have to worry about birds of prey in some areas when you let them outside.
Litter box? Good luck with that. Chihuahua are hearty little dogs and tuff. Dont let the small size fool you.We have had several over the years and they dont have a problem backing off a Pit Bull. Tracheal collapase and dental issues are the only big heath issues but are rare.Be aware they can be very yappy if left alone in an apartment for long periods but not all will.
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