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Dogs need to be hydrated at all times to be able to maintain healthy fur and skin and to be able to regulate their body temperature when the temperature outside becomes too high. Water fountains offer a lot more enticing way for dogs to drink compared to ordinary drinking bowls and rollerball-tipped faucets. These drinking stations provide a much cleaner and safer drink for pooches because of the continuous flow of water, preventing the formation of sediments in the bottom of the pan and keeping the drink tasting fresh and clean as ever.

Much like people, dogs also dislike drinking water that’s been sitting around for hours and prefer to have a source of refreshing, clean water all day long. For that reason, water fountains can do a much better job in improving your dog’s drinking habits as they are more appealing to them due to the fact that they offer pure, cool water free of dirt and debris. Also, getting a water fountain will also save you time on cleaning and emptying drinking bowls.

Today we bring you our new product - WOpet Brook Drinking Fountain. It is designed for short trip lovers and it can provide enough water for a pet to drink 2 weeks or above.

Working Day & Night

The advanced water pump can continuous water dispensing, and the low decibel ensures the pet's sleep while not consuming too much electricity.

Stainless Steel Design

Safer than plastic cat fountain, and easier to clean. Equipped with 3 replacement filters to keep the water fresh, meets human health standards.

Falling Streams

Perfect for multi-pet households that will enjoy the water added oxygen and freshness.

Re-circulating System

2L / 67oz water capacity is great for small to medium-sized pets. The circulating filtration system uses a charcoal filter to purify the water, remove hair, dirt, and food particles.

Technical specifications

  • Extra Large Capacity

    2L large capacity provides adequate clean drinking water for pets while you went out for working or travel.
  • Easy to Assemble and Clean

    It's efficient to give the fountain a thorough clean periodically. It keeps the water clean and fresh.
  • High-quality Replacement Filter

    To help prevent the charcoal dust from shedding, please rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use, providing the clean water for cats and dogs. We suggest to replace it 2-4 weeks to keep the water fresh and clean.

    Just start your WOpet journey today!
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