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Why won't she use her bed?

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Our Springer will never use her own bed, or anything like a blanket on the floor etc.

The other dog loves to lay on anything put down in the slightest bit soft but she always seems to lay next to her bed on hard concrete!

I'm sure it's ok but it's frustrating how she will never settle on her bed.
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I've had a couple of dogs who preferred to lie on hard (cool) surfaces. If I put his big, fleece blanket in my dog's crate, he will drag it out before going in there to relax. But then, he prefers to sleep out on the uncovered deck in the teeth of a wicked Nor'easter. Who am I to say...?
I'm not sure why it's frustrating to you. Some dogs don't like soft beds. I've figured this out with Zero. I can put blankets, rugs, beds, etc in his crate and he will push all of them to one side and sleep on the other side on the plastic bottom. Not sure why, but I've figured he likes that for whatever reason. Brutus on the other hand, loves to sleep on his blankets.
My older dog prefers the floor to her bed. Sometimes I'll get up in the middle of the night and see her on her bed or the blanket on the floor, but usually not.
Shippo doesn't use beds much either. I bought him a $30 bed and instead of curl up on it, he'd rather stretch out under MY bed!


Eevee finds a way to make use of his bed though... she manages to fit her 40lb body into a bed that was made for a 25lb dog LOL. I can't even imagine how she can be comfortable LOL!
Every dog is different. I have one that prefers anything soft and cuddly while the other prefers the hardwood floor or concrete. They change their sleeping preferences with the seasons though. In winter, both of them like warm and soft. During the summer one of them sleeps over an A/C vent.
I'll send Mabel over. Within 10 minutes she will have identified the absolute softest, cushiest spot in your entire house. She might have to re-visit the top two or three contenders a couple of times before making her final decision, but once she does...it's hers.
I think dogs are just a mystery. Out of our 7 dogs, only one of them doesn't want a pillow or something soft in his crate. The others love it. He won't even lay on the couch if given the rare opportunity. He's not much of a snuggler either. LOL
One of my little dogs would rather lay under a bed on the floor than anywhere else. He doesn't really like the last little dog bed I bought for him, so most of the time he just squishes it into a corner and sleeps beside it on the hard crate floor. That said, you can always teach your dog to "go to mat." If it's reinforcing enough, I'm sure your dog will eventually take to laying on the dog bed instead of the floor.
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