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Why? Why Can't I Have Them ALL???

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This lady that worked for my groomer that I was somewhat friends with died a few weeks ago very suddenly. She was big into animal rescue and I was asked to take her birds in (she had six of them :eek:) because she knew that I used to raise birds years ago. So, today I went to move the birds an in addition to finding homes for her birds her husband is also finding homes for her 7 dogs. Yea, can you see where this is going???

I want them! I want them ALL!!!! They are so sweet, and they are all small. I mean really, why should this be an issue for my husband. Seriously, I would only have like 9 :eek: dogs and I just don't see the problem here, lol!!

But really, they are wonderful little dogs. She has 2 miniture poodles, a welch corgi, a min pin, a terrier mix, a cocker spaniel and a teeny tiny teacup poodle (that I think I may be in love with). I am just so sad for them. Can you even imagine how stressed they must be? There mom died and now they are having to leave their home and they won't be together anymore. So, I was thinking if I got them all that would make it better, :rolleyes: right? Except the fact that I would be homeless because my husband would make me move out with ALL my dogs, cats and birds and I just can't see me being able to live in a box with all my pets. They just don't make boxes big enough! :)
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They all sound very adoptable, so that's good...and I imagine taking in 7 at one time would be much more of a chore than getting 7 one at a time over a period of time. Still, in all honesty if I were in your shoes I would take one or even two (probably just one though since you have a puppy coming), especially if there is one you really like.
I truely believe that this is why God put me with my hubby, he keeps me in balance. I think if I were not married to him I would be one of those wacky old ladies with too many cats and dogs.:eek: But instead I am just a dreamer, always dreaming of my next dog!:rolleyes:
Lol, my husband is an enabler...I ran the last three by him expecting him to say no way, but all he ever says is "go get 'em". The most recent I showed him at around 10:00 one night on petfinder, and the next morning he was driving me to the shelter...cats though, he does talk me out of.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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