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Why? Why Can't I Have Them ALL???

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This lady that worked for my groomer that I was somewhat friends with died a few weeks ago very suddenly. She was big into animal rescue and I was asked to take her birds in (she had six of them :eek:) because she knew that I used to raise birds years ago. So, today I went to move the birds an in addition to finding homes for her birds her husband is also finding homes for her 7 dogs. Yea, can you see where this is going???

I want them! I want them ALL!!!! They are so sweet, and they are all small. I mean really, why should this be an issue for my husband. Seriously, I would only have like 9 :eek: dogs and I just don't see the problem here, lol!!

But really, they are wonderful little dogs. She has 2 miniture poodles, a welch corgi, a min pin, a terrier mix, a cocker spaniel and a teeny tiny teacup poodle (that I think I may be in love with). I am just so sad for them. Can you even imagine how stressed they must be? There mom died and now they are having to leave their home and they won't be together anymore. So, I was thinking if I got them all that would make it better, :rolleyes: right? Except the fact that I would be homeless because my husband would make me move out with ALL my dogs, cats and birds and I just can't see me being able to live in a box with all my pets. They just don't make boxes big enough! :)
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Aww, poor babies... I know what you mean. My husband worked with a man (now retired) who takes in rescues who were otherwise about to be euthanized. Get this, he and his wife now have FORTY-FOUR DOGS. :eek: When my hubby told me this, I frowned and said, "That is animal abuse... there's no way they can give that many dogs the love and one-on-one attention they need."

He said that's what he had thought at first, but the man and his wife actually make a point to give each and every dog a ton of love and attention. They're retired and spend all their time caring for and giving love to all these pups. They have two king-sized beds next to each other in their master bedroom where a lot of the pups sleep with them, and another king-sized bed in another room... they have a huge fenced property where they can romp and play with each other, but spend a lot of time indoors too... it sounds crazy but I guess it can work! :D

That said, although my dh and I joke about having five Poodles someday, that's a LOT of time and work! Hopefully all of these seven pups will find wonderful loving homes!
OMW!!! I love dogs, but 44:eek:, YIKES!! And here I have been stressing about bringing home #2.

I am going to help my groomer with the seven until we can find homes for all of them. Luckly all but one of them have been s/n and are all less than 4 years old so they should be easy to find homes for. The bad thing is is that the one that hasn't been spayed is pregnant. That would be the teeny tiny poodle that I would really like to keep for myself. She was pregnant when this lady got her (she only had her for a few weeks before she died) and is suppose to be pregnant by a tiny yorky (yeah, more designer mutts). She is the sweetest little poodle though. She looks just like my Bella, but she only weighs about 5lbs. She isn't much bigger than my hand and she is only 18 months old.
I know you want to help them but where do you draw the line? You have to make personal boundaries for yourself, especially if you work in a field where it can be easy for you to take in unwanted dogs. I had a neighbor a few years back who started out like this taking in a few unwanted cats, got overwhelmed, and became a hoarder within TWO years when the only unaltered cat in the house got out. He wasn't thinking of the practical aspects such as daily life with the pets or medical care. Do you know what it costs to properly Vet 7 dogs? We have between 10-12 here most times, and after 4-5 you are playing in a whole new league. Doggy viruses, especially stomach bugs that cannot be vaccinated for, spread like wildfire. You will either need to become proficient in vaccinating/medicating your own dogs or speng literally $2-3,000 or more at the vet every year.

Taking in 7 dogs at once is not clear thinking. The dogs are cute but you have to think beyond that. It gets VERY addicting to take in animals. Not saying this to be mean spirited at all ... again, I know you want to help, but doing this would not be helping & would only be placing undue burden on yourself and your husband. JMHO. No offense meant.
Oh, I said I want them all, I will not be getting them all. Even if I thought I could handle them all, I wouldn't do that to Bella or the puppy I am picking up in the morning. Now I may take in 1 of them, but not all of them. Part of me wishes I could, you know the part that wants to save the world one dog at a time?, yeah, that part wants them all. The other part of me, the part that thinks with my brain and not my heart knows that I would not be doing a good thing by taking in 7 dogs all at once. Now if they were all standard poodles I really would take them all, LOL!!
It gets VERY addicting to take in animals.
I truely believe that this is why God put me with my hubby, he keeps me in balance. I think if I were not married to him I would be one of those wacky old ladies with too many cats and dogs.:eek: But instead I am just a dreamer, always dreaming of my next dog!:rolleyes:
OMW, my husband had my daughter in here video taping her with her right hand raised (as if she was in court) stating her name and that she promises to clean up after the new puppy everytime she is asked. He told her he was taping it so in case he had to take her to court later when she doesn't clean up after her. Oh, our daughter is 8! We have to go through this kind of stuff everytime we want any kind of new animal. The puppy we are getting in the morning is going to be the kids dog so they are the ones having to do the begging and make their binding contract on video tape. My husband is too funny!:D Maybe I will post mt daughters video on here so everyone will get a good laugh!!
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